Construction and Maintenance w/ GPS

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking

Building companies are executing GPS tracking for the known advantages of the technology in their fleet operations.

Care may be among the most labor intensive duties to get a building supervisor.

GPS monitoring technology can be executed into building fleet operations to boost care for assets and heavy equipment to make sure care is handled in the most effective means possible.
Track Run Time

Tracking engine run time can help building fleets get rid of the time-consuming and stay along with fleet maintenance for heavy construction equipment duty of logging engine hours for building supervisors. Through the use of a GPS tracking option to view run time reports, building managements will understand complete engine hours within their fleet for each piece of gear and asset. This report also offers the choice to add another service due for every single piece of advantage or equipment to ensure when they need to be services are performed. Fleet managers can be sure care is not missed by tracking gear run time on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Remove Unscheduled Downtime

When preventative care isn’t performed on program, it’s going to cause assets and gear to be pushed off the job as a result of unforeseen repairs. Using GPS tracking to track gear care eliminate downtime will alarm building supervisors instantly when services are expected and keep building fleets on the job.

Building supervisors may use a GPS tracking option to schedule automated maintenance reminders, to stay along with care for heavy equipment and assets. When equipment is expected for services like oil changes, transmission flushes and much more reminders could be transmitted to direction. Making certain preventative care performed and is scheduled will remove unscheduled downtime for equipment and worker if you would like to keep cooling cost down, tinting the windows will make a huge difference.

Reduce Care Costs

Another method that care for building companies enhances is by reducing care costs that are annual. Using a GPS tracking solution to handle care will expand the life-cycles of assets and heavy equipment, remove unneeded expenses and help building fleets be rewarding complete.

Gear use

Ensuring gear use is evenly distributed through the entire fleet can help building companies reduce prices. Overusing gear result in replacing high-priced assets substantially earlier than desired, and increases damage, maintenance expenses.

By seeing fleet usage reports, building supervisors run time can track the day-to-day usage of gear and UN-utilized equipment. This report allows building supervisors to better distribute use amongst all equipment and assets or least often to identify which equipment has been used. Building supervisors could even identify equipment that may be removed for the fleet fully to decrease the expense of keeping UN-utilized assets.

Reduce idling

Excessive idling is among the largest contributing aspects to gear wear and tear, which substantially raises care expenses for building companies.

Keeping an eye on care for assets and heavy gear may be among the very difficult duties to get a building company.

Staying with GPS tracking at the top of gear care ensures building fleets possess the capacity to earn the most gain potential by enhancing care management.